Product Sampling

Your prescription for increased trial and conversion begins with Access Health Network™ at trusted care providers.

We’ll help integrate your brand into the “health & wellness” conversation at point-of-care in general and specialty practices, the perfect touchpoint to engage consumers with health conditions or seeking general preventive care.

Consumer Targeting:

  • General practice or by specialty with specific targets (e.g., OB/GYNs, Endocrinologists, Cardiologists, Pediatricians, Naturopaths, Rheumatologists, and other specialists).


  • Varies by specialty and size of practice from 150 to 300 samples per practice per month

Sample & Literature Distribution:

  • Hand-delivered at check-in/out
  • Supported by custom counter card
  • Optional Life-to-shelf geo-mapping around stores

Signage & Research:

  • Custom counter cards w/tear pads and dedicated research included for programs 250,000+ units
  • Custom tent card included for programs under 250,000 units with research option (please inquire)

Geo-Targeting & Mapping:

Access Health will map office locations broadly in DMA’s or tightly within “X” miles from specific retailer locations of your key account(s) for shopper marketing programs. We combine our proprietary retailer database with Cartographica software to precisely deliver geo-mapped results for any campaign. This service is provided at no cost to our sampling customers.